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Jennifer Capriati: Fanmail

If you wish to contact Jennifer Capriati please write to the following addresses. If you live in Europe write to

Jennifer Capriati, c/o Caroline Smith, Office Manager (WTA London), WTA TOUR, Bank Lane, Roehampton, London, SW15 5XZ.

If you live in the United States write to Jennifer Capriati, c/o WTA TOUR, 133 First Street NE, St Petersburg, Florida, 33701, USA.

Please do not e-mail me as I cannot forward e-mail onto Jennifer Capriati or her agents, IMG. Neither Jennifer Capriati or IMG have responded to my letters and e-mails over the years, so I cannot say whether or not you will get a reply. I hope you have better luck than me!

Please note that I cannot be held responsible if you do not get a reply, and please bear in mind that Jennifer will get a lot of fan-mail and will not be able to respond to it all.